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Every year, Border Regional Library creates a new summer reading game dubbed ‘Readopoly’. The goal is to create a welcoming and exciting reading experience for preschool to middle grade aged children, and reward their dedication to the game with prizes (brand new shiny books to choose from our treasure chest!). Older children are invited to play, but they may not enjoy our prize selection as much.

  • Readopoly runs from June 15th to September 15th in Virden and Elkhorn, and children get to play each visit when they take out a new book.
  • There are limits of course; one play per visit, and this year they can play up to twice a week.
  • Players can win up to two prizes, after that they are just playing for fun and to collect more cards 🙂
  • No cheating! The book has to be read before playing again, and if the book is just absolutely terrible then let us know and we will find a new one to replace it.

This year our theme is Cabinet of Curiosity, and the game is formatted as a Trading Card Game!



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