Border Regional Library Board Meeting

June 10, 2019 7:30 pm

                                                                  Virden Branch


Present:             Mark Humphries, Cheryl Kleemola, Denis Lachapelle, Mary Anne Lamy,  Darlene Byers, Beth Peers, Janice Barrate, Denise Mayo

Regrets:         Karel Munchinski, Tina Williams

Guest:             Cory Nixon

Prior to the meeting, BRL Board members spoke with staff and discussed some issues with them.

    1. Call to Order: M. Humphries called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Motion: To adopt the agenda as amended. D. Mayo, C. Kleemola. Carried.
    4. Scope of Work at Virden Branch: Cory Nixon attended the meeting to discuss scope of work re: water issues at Virden branch, which is Phase 1 of the repair project. He will provide assistance by presenting the scope of work as an RFP for distribution to contractors. Tuesday, July 23 was the recommended deadline for responses to the RFP, with work to commence September 3.
    5. Motion: To have M.A. Lamy receive proposals and review them with the Chair, and if necessary conduct interviews, then take their recommendation to the BRL Board. B. Peers, J. Barrate. Carried.
    6. Minutes of April and May meetings 
    7. Motion: To accept the minutes of the May 2019 meeting as presented. B. Peers, D. Lachapelle. Carried.
    8. Motion: To accept the minutes of the April 2019 meeting as amended. J. Barrate, D. Lachapelle. Carried.
    9. Accounts Payable (May) 
    10. Motion: To approve the accounts payable for May 2019, cheques numbered 1738A to 1757A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $20,883.99. D. Mayo, D. Byers. Carried.
    11. Financial Report – for information
      1. Sign CAFT reports and all reconciliations
      2. April and May VISA statements
    12. Correspondence
      1. Macleans: It has been sold to another company.
      2. Sunrise Credit Union: There is a one year term to be renewed.
      3. TD Summer Reading Club: BRL can access Braille materials from them.
      4. Elections Manitoba: Received some pamphlets.
      5. Public Utilities Board: Water rates in McAuley will go up to 74.60 from 72.60.
      6. Xplornet: They provided a pre-authorized debit form.
      7. Canada Day Celebrations: The Committee has encouraged the community to conduct activities.
  • Coordinator’s Report – attached.
  1. Motion: To accept the coordinator’s report as presented. D. Lachapelle, C. Kleemola. Carried.
  2. Old Business
  • 2019 Salary: Confirmation of the salary increases.
  1. New Business
    1. 2019 BBQ and Book Sale Financial Report
    2. Volunteer Policy: tabled.
  2. Other – M. Humphries shared with C. Kleemola some of the issues regarding the McAuley branch building (sinks, electrical outlets, etc.) and she will report back to the Board.
  3. Mileage
  4. Adjournment: B. Peers adjourned the meeting at 8:45 pm.Next meeting: August 26, 2019 at Virden branch at 7:30 pm.