Border Regional Library Board Meeting

December 9, 2019 7:00 pm

                                                                 Elkhorn Branch


Present:             Travis Penner, Mark Humphries, Mary Anne Lamy, Darlene Byers, Beth Peers,                          Denise Mayo, Denis Lachapelle, Janice Barrate

Regrets:          Cheryl Kleemola

  1. Call to Order: M. Humphries called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Motion: To adopt the agenda. D. Byers, J. Barrate. Carried.
  4. Minutes of October meeting
  5. Motion: To accept the minutes of the October 21, 2019 meeting. B. Peers, D. Mayo. Carried.
  6. Accounts Payable (October, November) 
  7. Motion: To approve the accounts payable for October 2019, cheques numbered 1881A to 1915A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $25,369.09; and for November 2019, cheques numbered 1916A to 1941A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $20,141.29. D. Mayo, B. Peers. Carried.
  8. Financial Report – for information
    1. Sign CAFT reports and all reconciliations
    2. August and September VISA statements
  9. Correspondence
    1. WCB Annual Rate Statement
    2. Term #110490979017
    3. Motion: To re-invest the term at 2.3% for a two year term. D. Mayo, J. Barrate. Carried.
    4. Virden Area Foundation: BRL received a donation from the Book Committee.
    5. Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance: Received a refund.
    6. Disabilities Office
    7. Town of Virden: appointment of Travis Penner to the BRL Board.
    8. Term #110491480742
    9. Motion: To re-invest the term amount plus the Welch donation once it is received in a one year fixed term. J. Barrate, D. Byers. Carried.
  10. Coordinator’s Report – attached.
  11. Motion: To accept the coordinator’s report as presented. D. Mayo, B. Peers. Carried.
  12. Committee Reports:
    1. Joint meeting RM Wallace-Woodworth and Town of Virden: M. Humphries reported on the municipal employees program – pension benefits. M.A. Lamy will get further information.
    2. Library Advisory Committee: J. Barrate reported that it was hard to get people together for a meeting.
  13. Succession:
    1. Job Descriptions: tabled.
    2. Job Applications (5): Two candidates are currently studying library sciences. The Personnel/Hiring Committee will arrange to interview these two candidates. 
    3. Motion: To offer a temporary 4 month term position with a salary increase in the range of $16.31 to $17.31 beginning January 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020 to Heather Hawryluk. T. Penner, D. Mayo. Carried.
  14. Old Business
    1. BRL Investments: M.A. Lamy distributed a list of investments.
    2. Repairs/Renovations to Virden branch basement: Mark reported work on the basement should begin soon.
    3. Elkhorn branch back door: M.A. Lamy is getting two more cost quotations.
    4. 2020 Salary Projections: The Board reviewed the salary grid and costs for increases, and agreed to pursue the $2 above minimum wage increase with councils. This increase would mean an additional $5331 increase in the 2020 budget, assuming we held the line on other budget items.
  15. New Business: none
  16. Other: none
  17. Mileage
  1. Adjournment: B. Peers adjourned the meeting at 9:05 pm.Next meeting: January 6, 2019 at Virden branch at 7:30 pm.