Border Regional Library Board Meeting

September 10, 2018, 7:30 pm

                                                                  Virden Branch


Present:             Corinne Nesbitt, Tina Williams, Sandy Heaman, Mary Anne Lamy, Darlene             Byers, Beth Peers, Denise Mayo, Janice Barrate

Regrets:         Melissa Pateman


  1. Call to Order: J. Barrate called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm.


  1. Adoption of Agenda

Motion: To adopt the agenda as presented. S. Heaman, D. Mayo. Carried.


  1. Minutes of June meeting

Motion: To accept the minutes of the June 11, 2018 meeting as presented. C. Nesbitt, B. Peers. Carried.


  1. Accounts Payable (June, July and August)

Motion: To approve the accounts payable for June 2018, cheques numbered 1458A to 1480A and 1483A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $19,769.89; July 2018 cheques numbered 1481A-1482A and 1484A-1513A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $24,373.34, plus US cheque #60 for $36.70; and August 2018, cheques numbered 1514A-1543A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $19,662.69. S. Heaman, C. Nesbitt. Carried.


  1. Financial Report – for information
    1. Sign CAFT reports and all reconciliations for June, July and August
  1. Correspondence
    1. Kathy Welsh, Visual Arts: Request was for the Library to serve as a drop off point for poster entries for the festival.
    2. Bell/MTS: received phone contract.
    3. Virden Area Foundation: received letter re: donation from the millennial book fund.
  1. Coordinator’s Report – attached.

Motion: To accept the coordinator’s report as presented. T. Williams, D. Mayo. Carried.


  1. Old Business
    1. Staff concernsMotion: To move back to the committee as a whole. S. Heaman, T. Williams. Carried.
    3. Motion: To move in-camera. C. Nesbitt, S. Heaman. Carried.
    4. Wall and Door Cost Estimates: M.A. Lamy asked for 2 estimates and will request one more.
    5. Internet Use Policy: There was lots of discussion. The Board will look at the revised policy next meeting.
  1. New Business
    1. Promise Years – Elkhorn: The Elkhorn librarian is taking training and having an agreement signed.
    2. Terms of Reference and Needs Assessment: M.A. Lamy presented these plus the engineer’s condition assessment of the current building. After some discussion around these documents, particularly the building assessment, there seemed to be general consensus that with major renovations and an addition that the current building would work.
  1. Other – Library Advisory Committee: J. Barrate is willing to look at gathering together a community committee assembled, with one staff and one Board member included.


  1. Mileage


  1. Adjournment: S. Heaman adjourned the meeting at 9:53 pm.


Next meeting: Monday, October 15, 2018 at McAuley branch at 7:30 pm.