Border Regional Library Board Meeting
January 11, 2021, 7:30 pm
Present: Cheryl Kleemola, Mark Humphries, Travis Penner, Mary Anne Lamy, Beth
Peers, Denise Mayo, Darlene Byers, Janice Barrate
Regrets: Denis Lachapelle

  1. Call to Order: M. Humphries called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    Motion: To adopt the agenda with additions. T. Penner, D. Byers. Carried.
  3. Election of Officers for 2021: M. A. Lamy served as elections officer. She asked for
    nominations for the following:
    Chairperson: T. Penner, B. Peers nominate M. Humphries.
    Motion: To cease nominations. T. Penner, C. Kleemola. Carried.
    Vice-Chairperson: T. Penner, C. Kleemola nominate J. Barrate.
    Motion: To cease nominations. T. Penner, M. Humphries. Carried.
    Treasurer: M. Humphries, B. Peers nominate D. Mayo.
    Motion: To cease nominations. J. Barrate, T. Penner. Carried.
    Secretary: M. Humphries, T. Penner nominate B. Peers.
    Motion: To cease nominations. J. Barrate, T. Penner. Carried.
    Motion: To adopt the slate of officers as above. T. Penner, J. Barrate. Carried.
    Motion: To appoint J. Barrate, D. Mayo and M.A. Lamy as signing authorities for 2021. B.
    Peers, T. Penner. Carried.
    Motion: To conduct business pending the 2021 budget approval. J. Barrate, T. Penner.
    Motion: To appoint John Masson as auditor for 2021. B. Peers, C. Kleemola. Carried.
  4. Minutes of December 2020 meeting
    Motion: To accept the minutes of the December 14, 2020 meeting as corrected. B. Peers, D.
    Byers . Carried.
  5. Accounts Payable
    Motion: To approve the accounts payable for December 2020, cheques numbered 2224A to
    2237A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totalling $24,049.64. C. Kleemola, T. Penner.
  6. Financial Report – for information. Received $14,039 from J. Welsh for the Virden building
    fund. Book purchases totalled $28,472, in keeping with the Board’s desire to spend
    approximately $30,000 per year on book purchases.
    a) Sign CAFT reports and all reconciliations
    b) VISA statements
  7. Correspondence
    a) Access Copyright invoice
    b) RM of Wallace-Woodworth appointments: Appointed to the BRL Board are M. Humphries,
    D. Lachapelle and B. Peers.
    c) Canada Summer Jobs: applications are open to apply for a SRP coordinator for which
    100%of salary will be covered. The Administrator will apply for two positions through the
    CSJ Grant.
    d) MLA Newsletter: distributed
  8. Administrator’s Report – attached. Board members are encouraged to take part in Family
    Literacy Day by virtually reading.
    Motion: To close the US account at Sunrise Credit Union, balance of $7.82 to be transferred to
    the general account. B. Peers, C. Kleemola. Carried.
    Motion: To accept the administrator’s report as presented. B. Peers, J. Barrate. Carried.
  9. Old Business
    a) Personnel Policy, revised.
    b) Revised Employee Pandemic Policy: more information needed.
  10. New Business:
    a) Investments Report: M.A. Lamy provided an updated investment and financial holdings
    b) Cost Quotations for Moveable Shelving: have just one quote and attempting to get another
    one. Tabled for next meeting.
  11. Other
    a) Advisory Group: J. Barrate provided an update on the library advisory group established to
    explore ideas for the Virden branch. The Group will meet on Wednesday, January 13, 2021
    (virtually). The focus of the Group is to look at future needs of the library and look at how that
    will inform the revitalization of the space. She will present a report at the next board meeting.
    b) Budget Meeting: January 25, 2021
    c) Personnel
    Motion: To move in camera. J. Barrate, T. Penner. Carried.
    Motion: To return to committee of the whole. C. Kleemola, T. Penner. Carried.
  12. Mileage: N/A
  13. Adjournment: D. Byers adjourned the meeting at 9:25 pm.
    Next scheduled meeting is on Monday, February 8, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Virtual.