Border Regional Library Board Meeting

May 8, 2017, 7:30 pm

                                                                  Virden Branch


Present:             Corinne Nesbitt, Tina Williams, Sandy Heaman, Mary Anne Lamy,             Darlene Byers, Beth Peers, Melissa Pateman, Janice Barrate, Denise Mayo


  1. Call to Order: M. Pateman called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Motion: To adopt the agenda as presented. S. Heaman, D. Byers. Carried.
  4. Minutes of March 2017 meeting
  5. Motion: To accept the minutes of the March 13, 2017 as presented. C. Nesbitt, J. Barrate. Carried.
  6. Accounts Payable (February, March, April)
  7. Motion: To approve the accounts payable for February, cheques numbered1024A-1047A, auto debits and direct deposit totaling $15,822.00; for March, cheques numbered 1048A-1083A and 1088A, auto debits and direct deposit totaling $25,117.15 plus US cheques #54-56 in the amount of $676.70US; and for April, cheques numbered 1084A-1087A and 1089A-1110A, auto debits and direct deposit totaling $24,028.02. S. Heaman, T. Williams. Carried.
  8. Financial Report – FYI
    1. Sign CAFT reports and reconciliations for February, March and April 
  9. Correspondence
    1. Arts Mosaic – patron program. Since BRL does not make donations, it will not participate in the patron program.
    2. Thomas Sill Foundation – received confirmation that BRL will receive $2500 towards shelving for Virden branch.
    3. PLS- e-libraries Manitoba. Invoices are to be paid in Canadian dollars. Since payment was made in US funds, BRL has a credit.
    4. Thank You card – received from a former Virden resident, a teacher, who accessed the library while visiting.
    5. MLTA newsletter
    6. Virden Area Foundation – received $1300 for Virden branch shelving.
    7. Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage – operating grant approved in the amount of $74,865.
    8. PLS – Free Facility Consultations
    9. Rural Library Cooperative Technology Grant
  10. Coordinator’s Report – attached.
  11. Motion: To accept the coordinator’s report as presented. S. Heaman, C. Nesbitt. Carried.
  12. Old Business
    1. Furnace and A/C – cost estimates. They still do not include the cost of electrical work, so the coordinator will pursue this with the contractors. She will also send a letter to Virden and Wallace-Woodworth Councils stating the anticipated capital costs for this work.
    2. Shelving for Virden branch – Given the amount raised through grants (short about $2500) does not provide for 3 rows of shelving, the coordinator has asked for an estimate for 2 rows of shelving.
  13. New Business
    1. 2016 Annual Report
    2. 2017 BBQ and Book Sale work sheet
  14. Other – S. Heaman suggested providing youth tours of the library; having a BRL delegation provide an update to Councils (including building prospects); and asked for an update on moving the McAuley branch. M. Pateman responded to the latter, saying they anticipate renovation costs, primarily directed at fire and code updates, at $30,000. The space devoted to the Library will be rectangular, but they are not sure yet of the square footage.
  15. Mileage


  1. Adjournment: S. Heaman adjourned the meeting at 9:07 pm.
  2. Next meeting: June 12, 2017 at McAuley branch at 7:30 pm.