Border Regional Library Board Meeting      Sept. 14, 2020, 7:30 pm



Present:             Cheryl Kleemola, Mark Humphries, Travis Penner, Mary Anne Lamy, Beth                                     Peers, Darlene Byers, Denise Mayo, Denis Lachapelle, Janice Barrate

  1. Call to Order: M. Humphries called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm.
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Motion: To adopt the agenda as presented. B. Peers, D. Lachapelle. Carried.
  4. Staff Protocal/Grievance: M.A. Lamy presented a draft of the policy. Board members provided some input, and she will present the revision at next meeting.
  5. Minutes of June 2020 meeting
  6. Motion: To accept the minutes of the June 8, 2020 meeting as presented. B. Peers, D. Byers. Carried.
  7. Accounts Payable 
  8. Motion: To approve the accounts payable for June 2020, cheques numbered 2093A to 2111A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $17;766.41; for July 2020, cheques numbered 2112A-2151A, auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $33,538.20; and for August 2020, cheques numbered 2152A to 2170A , auto debits and payroll direct deposit totaling $28,855.15. T. Penner, J. Barrate. Carried.
  9. Financial Report – for information. Received provincial operating grant and several employment grants were approved.
    1. Sign CAFT reports and all reconciliations
    2. VISA statements
  10. Correspondence
    1. Charitable Tax Return: received.
    2. Letters notifying of operating and employment grants.
  11. Administrator’s Report – attached
  12. Motion: To accept the administrator’s report as presented. D. Lachapelle, J. Barrate. Carried.
  13. Old Business
    1. Stats Comparison: April to August
    2. Fire Reinspection Report: Several items have been completed. Metal No Parking signs for doors are needed to keep a fire escape route clear.
  14. New Business:
  15. Pandemic Planning: Draft Operations and Employee Pandemic policies were presented. Board discussed them and requested that M.A. Lamy email both of them, as revised, along with the RM of Wallace Woodworth’s policy, to Board members for further review. BRL policies will be discussed further at the next meeting.
  16. Email Policy: To be revised and presented at next meeting.
  17. Employment Contract: M.A. Lamy presented a draft employment contract. The Board had a good discussion but determined more research and advice were needed. The Administrator is to consult with municipal CAOs and PLS. It was suggested we go back to the Personnel Policy (2019) and look at the termination section and perhaps strengthen it. If we do so, then perhaps an employment contract is unnecessary. M.A. Lamy was directed to send these documents to the municipalities when gathering advice.
  18. Other: none
  19. Mileage: N/A
  20. Adjournment: T. Penner adjourned the meeting at 9:02 pm.Next scheduled meeting is on Monday, October 19, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. This meeting will be a GoTo Meeting.